13 Inch Wild Alaskan Wilderness Long Knife – Damascus Forged Steel Full Tang

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Overall Length: 13.375 Inches
Blade Length: 8.25 Inches
Blade Thickness: 5mm
Handle Length: 5.125 Inches
Blade Profile: Bowie Style, Drop Point, False Upper Edge, Extra Long
Blade Materials: 1095 High Carbon Steel, 15N20 Alloy Steel, Hand Forged
Sharpness: Sharpened, Angled Edge, Can be Honed to Razors Edge
Handle Materials: Stag Horn Grips (Adult Male Deer), Walnut Hardwood, Aluminum Pegged Rivets. All specifications are approximate.


USI50176 Alaska is both a vast and large state, with extreme conditions requiring both special equipment and expertise. An Alaskan knife needs to be very long, like this one, and extremely durable, hence the 1095 high carbon Damascus forged steel blade. It is about average sharpness strait out of the box, but honing this blade out would produce an edge that can literally split hairs. Carbon nano-tubes form during the handmade production of authentic Damascus steel, providing hardness close to a diamond, yet retaining great tensile qualities. Above the handle rests a functioning solid brass hand guard fit specifically to this knife by the blacksmith. The handle consists of naturally occurring materials such as stag antler (from an adult male deer) and natural hardwood, plus brass inlay. The handle grips are fixed to the full tang with aluminum peg rivets. Comes with genuine leather sheath that attaches to your belt and features a retaining strap to secure it nicely.

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