Rebel Wolf Super Strike Stiletto Manual Folding Damascus Knife

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Overall Length: 8.125 Inches
Blade Length: 3.25 Inches
Blade Thickness: 3.25mm
Handle Length: 5.05 Inches
Blade Profile: Spear Point Stiletto, Angled Upper Edge, Hand-Shaped Blade, Heavy Duty Manual Folding Knife
Blade Materials: 1095 High Carbon Steel, 15N20 Alloy Steel, Hand Forged
Sharpness: Sharpened, Angled Edge, Can be Honed to Razors Edge
Handle Materials: Buffalo Bone, Damascus Steel Bolstered, Solid Brass Liner, Allen-head Fastener. All specifications are approximate.


Very pointy and perfect for piercing, this is a stiletto-bladed knife that manually opens via a thumb stud. Easily grip the knife as the top of the handle forms a shape almost like a hand guard. The handle is Buffalo bone insert with Damascus steel bolstering. Comes with a free leather holster, color and design may vary but will serve all the same functions. Handmade item: Damascus patterning, colors, sharpness, and fitment or dimensions may vary slightly between any two pieces.

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